Rest Easy with Loupe - Monitor, Find and Fix errors in .NET applications the first time.

Loupe monitors .NET applications for errors and provides you with the most relevant information needed to fix them quickly

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Logging and application performance monitoring for

Loved by .NET Developers

“Loupe is an indispensable tool for us and even more important is the very positive feedback I get from our customers for being proactive in identifying issues and fixing them without the need of those cumbersome ‘I need your logs’ conversations”

Andreas Schneider, CEO

MFA Informatik AG

“We are a small team running a huge code base across many servers and environments. Without Loupe in the mix, we could never achieve the level of stability and issue resolution time we have. I can’t imagine our team without Loupe in the mix”

Chris Rajczi, Developer

Vision 2 Systems

“Our ERP software for the fashion industry is used by 500 companies around the world. Thanks to Loupe, we have dramatically reduced defects in our system and are much faster providing support to our customers. Most importantly, Loupe helps us identify and fix problems BEFORE our customers complain”

Shahin Kohan, President

AIMS 360

How we measure up

Free local log viewers like NLog and Log4Net only get you so far. Loupe lets you see the full story, not just the headlines

Logging Solutions Application Performance Monitoring Solutions Loupe
Collect Logs Yes No Yes
Collect System Metrics No Yes Yes
.NET-Specific Events No No Yes
Error Tracking and Management No Yes Yes
Error Analysis Tools No No Yes
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Flexible configuration

Loupe was written for developers, by developers. We understand that what works for one client usually doesn’t fit the next. That’s why we’ve made Loupe available as a cloud service for convenience, as well as a licensable on-premise solution for security.

Azure hosted SAAS platform

Private on-premises licensing

Rock solid centralized .NET logging

Unlimited applications, unlimited errors, starting at $25/month