A Free Log Viewer for .NET and Java Application Developers

We get it. If you’re a developer, your budget might not exist. No matter the budget though, you still need to solve hard problems and fix errors quickly. That’s why we made Loupe Desktop: a free and easy way to add logging to your .NET and Java applications, with an easy-to-use API. If you have already invested in another logging API like Serilog or NLog, that's no problem – it is simple to forward data into Loupe and take advantage of everything Loupe Desktop offers.

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  • Log Monitoring for Your Tech

    Our focus on .NET and Java means we've implemented a range of agent extensions for technologies you're using in your application – like Spring and Hibernate for Java or Entity Framework, ASP.NET MVC in .NET. We even have specialized support for desktop environments like WPF and WinForms.

    Add in our open source extensions (also available on NuGet) and you get smart logging and performance analysis without any effort.

  • Visual Log Analysis Tool

    With Loupe Desktop, log messages are integrated with metric graphs so that you can relate the point in time for any message with the metric values at that time.

    Loupe also provides powerful charting so you can, for example, create Pareto charts that identify performance problems. Try doing that with notepad.

Solve Problems by Seeing What Led up to Them

When you’re developing software, it’s going to have some unexpected behavior. Exceptions and bad results are par for the course when writing code. Between your logging and Loupe's agents though, you can see exactly what happened leading up to each error to be sure you're fixing the real problems. Plus, you'll gain confidence that you can solve similar problems that may happen after you've deployed based using your log data.

Loupe Desktop provides a powerful, free log viewer for developers. It's easy to install and deploy with your application, plus it’s a lot better than pawing through your data with a text editor or Excel. Loupe makes it easy to highlight or filter messages by class, method, category, or severity and shows the associated source code when a log message is selected in the Loupe Desktop viewer.

Ready for more?

Local logging is just the start. Advanced applications and services need equally advanced logging to capture how they are being used in the wild. Learn how Loupe can help.

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