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To save you time and tedium, Loupe distinguishes between issues and events. Issues are known errors that have been assigned to a Loupe user for resolution. Events are new errors to be reviewed.

See the count of known issues and new events needing review for each of your applications

The Loupe dashboard shows you if you have new errors to review. There are various ways to sort the review list, and you can choose to see which errors are impacting the most users.

Loupe Dashboard

Track the most recent, widespread and frequent errors on the Event Review list

Event Review Queue

Event Details for the first error (of 67) in the list of most widespread errors

When you drill into the top event from the list, you see everything you need to know about an error – including an exception analysis with full stack trace.

Event Detail Page

Loupe tracks which users encountered each error

You can also see which users have encountered this particular error. And you can graph error distributions across various dimensions.

Event Detail User Tab

Loupe graphs error distributions by computer, app version, time zone, etc


Known issues are assigned and optionally linked with your issue tracking system

In the demo, you can see that slow query performance is impacting some of the customers beta testing a new release.

You can assign this issue to a member of your team and create a cross-link to a related ticket in your error tracking system.

Having assigned that issue, Loupe advances to the next error from the review list.

Create Issue Dialog

Loupe complements your issue tracking system with up-to-date info on each error

The error tracking system is used for tracking all kinds of work items. But for the ones that relate to runtime errors, Loupe provides continuously updated information that accelerates defect resolution and increases our confidence in resolved issues.

Issue Add Link Dialog

Create Issue Dialog

Loupe Issue with external link

Every Loupe issue has a simple, intuitive URL

Cross-link to Loupe Issue

Loupe’s efficient two-tiered error triage process lets you stay on top of software errors while making the best use of your valuable time.

Rock solid centralized logging

Unlimited applications, unlimited errors, scalable from solo startup to enterprise.