We're often asked how Loupe compares to products like Log4Net or RayGun. In truth, while there are many similarities between these products, Loupe is actually trying to solve a different problem. As well as being a direct replacement or extension to products like Nlog and Log4Net, Loupe is often used to compliment applications like Splunk, New Relic, and Application Insights. Explore the articles below to see how Loupe can enhance your logging experience.


What is Log4j? Log4j is a logging framework started in 1996 by the Apache Foundation, since superceeded by Log4j2. Both offer an extensive set of filtering an buffering options to separate code that logs from where the log data is stored. With Log4j, you can configure log storage separately for...

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What is Log4Net? Based on the log4j logging framework started in 1996 by the Apache Foundation, the Log4Net .NET port helps developers filter and output log statements from .NET projects to a variety of outputs (usually plain text files). Installation is easy, simply download the relevant DLLs, reference them in...

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NLog is a very nice logging framework but analyzing logs in text editors like Notepad is tedious at best. Loupe integrates with NLog and has a free log viewer that streamlines log analysis. What is Loupe? Loupe (originally known as Gibraltar) was created by Gibraltar Software to fulfill some of...

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New Relic

What Is New Relic New Relic is a application monitoring platform service designed to provide insight into application performance and trends primarly for hosted applications (like web applications). What Is Loupe Loupe is an application logging platform created by Gibraltar Software designed to provide a great logging experience coupled with...

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