• We're out of our Last Data Center

    Back in January of 2016 we decided to completely transition out of our data centers and into the cloud (primarily Azure). We knew we had to do something - either make some big investments in new hardware or commit ourselves to migrating everything off our own gear. After looking at the costs and the opportunity to provide better capabilities in the cloud we committed to moving everything out.

  • Loupe 4.0.2 Released with Improved Issue Management, Excel Export and More

    We’ve updated Loupe 4 with key improvements to managing issues, a slew of performance upgrades, and our first built-in Excel export in the web UI.  If you’re a Loupe SaaS customer you’re already running 4.0.2 (just upgrade your Windows client) and if you run your own server you can download the latest here.

  • Use Loupe with Slack for Real-time Error Notification

    Team chat is more than just shifting communication out of point-to-point forms like email and Skype - it's enabling everyone to be more informed without more interruptions. It's no surprise then that flowing events from Loupe to team chat is our number one customer feature request. We've integrated Loupe with Slack and the results speak for themselves: Whether you use our Loupe service or your own private server you can...

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