• Tracking Application Users in .NET Core with Loupe

    .NET Core uses an entirely different approach to identifying the current user than previous versions of .NET. While this is great for ensuring you have the most accurate data, even in async scenarios, it means Loupe needed a new approach to capturing extended application user information to provide the best experience possible.

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  • Tracking Java Application Metrics with Loupe

    Custom metrics make it easy to gain deep insight into how your application is performing with Loupe - track each operation your application does without impacting performance so you can analyze application volume, key performance indicators, and more easily with Loupe!

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  • Loupe Captures Logging for Java Apps

    The Loupe Java agent seamlessly integrates with popular logging frameworks, making it not only a great log viewer for log4j, logback, and more but a full featured, production-ready telemetry platform you can take advantage of in minutes.

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  • Loupe for Java

    We've branched out from .NET to add Java support with our new Loupe Agent for Java. Directly supporting the major existing Java logging frameworks and written natively for Java 1.8, you can easily add complete diagnostic telemetry to your Java application today directly from Maven Central!

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