• Loupe Agent for ASP.NET Core

    Add logging and telemetry to your ASP.NET Core web site is easy with the Loupe Agent for ASP.NET Core. Designed for .NET Core, this agent supports User Secrets for secure configuration and records any information provided by the new diagnostic system built into ASP.NET Core.

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  • Loupe Agent for .NET Core

    How to get up and running quickly with the new Loupe Agent for .NET Core, our fully open source agent for cross-platform .NET development (including .NET Core and .NET Standard 2.0). Find out how to use the new configuration builder capabilities in .NET Core to create your own layered configuration and leverage the new Microsoft extensions for common logging.

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  • PostSharp Diagnostics Now Supports Loupe in the Box

    The latest update to PostSharp Diagnostics adds Loupe support, enabling extensive high-performance logging to be added to any .NET application with virtually no code changes. PostSharp even has a great free option for developers that complements Loupe Desktop!

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