• FAQ: What Do I Need to Know For the Release of Loupe 5?

    Next week on 12/24/2022, we're releasing the next version of Loupe: Loupe 5. This update includes a complete UI overhaul, performance improvements, and a brand new APM module. Here, we want to answer some questions about the rollout process and what current users should expect with the update.

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  • A Look at the Loupe 5 UI

    Even for users that don't keep up with out new, the release of Loupe 5 will be obvious. That's because we are completely changing the entire User Interface. Here, we will go over what the changes mean for navigating Loupe 5, and view some videos, gifs, and screenshots.

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  • Introducing Loupe Monitor: Our APM Solution

    Loupe has traditionally focused on the development team - providing them feedback on what issues need to be addressed, details on who is using the application, what versions are being used, and other insights. But with Loupe 5, we are expanding our scope. Loupe Monitor is our new APM for operations leveraging the same application data you already collect.

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