Loupe 5 is Officially Released!

As of today, we have released Loupe 5 for all Cloud-hosted users! Any current subscribers can log on and see the update right away.

Anyone who isn’t a current subscriber can use the Loupe trial to try it out starting today. The trial includes access to the entire Loupe 5 package: Loupe View (centralized log viewing), Loupe Resolve (defect management), and our APM Loupe Monitor.

What Changed with Loupe 5?

Among many other improvements, Loupe 5 brings the following major enhancements:

  • A split-screen user interface designed to get the most out of modern displays while remaining usable on small laptops and tablets.
  • Metric data graphing for visualizing performance trends with your applications.
  • A new APM module using the same integration as the rest of Loupe.

Additionally, we have made the Loupe integration experience easier for new users with updated directions for the newest versions of .NET (.NET 6 and 7 with the new hosting model) and the most popular logging frameworks (Serilog, NLog, Microsoft.Extensions.Logging).

Gif showing the new user screen toggling through different sets of directions

You can find a more detailed explanation of the changes here.

Get Started With Loupe 5

We are really excited to get the new Loupe experience in users’ hands. If you are a current user, please feel free to reach out with any questions about what’s changed or any problems that arise.

If you’ve never used Loupe, or have in the past, we recommend giving our 30-day trial a shot. We are even opening it back up to previous trial members, as the software has changed greatly. If you want to learn more about our trial, click the link below.

See The Trial

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