FAQ: What Do I Need to Know For the Release of Loupe 5?

Next week on 12/24/2022, we’re releasing the next version of Loupe: Loupe 5. This update includes a complete UI overhaul, performance improvements, and a brand new APM module. Here, we want to answer some questions about the rollout process and what current users should expect with the update.

When is Loupe 5 Being Released?

Loupe Cloud-Hosted customers will be upgraded to Loupe 5 on 12/24/2022! Loupe Self-Hosted customers will be able to download Loupe 5 in January, 2023.

Will there be any downtime for the release?

We expect to have a few hours of downtime on 12/24/2022 as we perform the necessary upgrades to the cloud environment and upgrade each customer’s data to work with Loupe 5.

Will I need to make any changes to my Loupe integration or agents?

Loupe 5 is compatible with Loupe Agents 3.0.1 and later, which our telemetry shows is nearly all customers. We do recommend upgrading to the latest agents for your application framework, available at your convenience for the best performance and data captured. Any customers that need to update their Loupe Agents will be contacted directly by our support team.

Will the domain name or IP addresses of Loupe Cloud-Hosted change?

All domain names and IP Addresses for Loupe Cloud-Hosted will remain the same.

Do I need to upgrade Loupe Desktop to work with 5?

Loupe Desktop version 4.7 and later can work with Loupe 5 Cloud-Hosted, although it is recommended to upgrade Loupe Desktop to match the version of your Loupe Server.

I host my own instance of Loupe Server. Can I upgrade to Loupe 5?

Loupe Self-Hosted customers will be able to download Loupe 5 in January, 2023. While we traditionally have made releases available concurrently to Cloud-Hosted and Self-Hosted customers, the significant upgrades in Loupe 5 will require additional time to prepare for deployment outside our Azure hosting environment.

Are there any changes being made to the pricing structure for Loupe 5?

Loupe 5 debuts a new modular structure with an entirely new module – Loupe Monitor. A new subscription tier structure is being introduced with Loupe 5 to allow teams to select the modules they want and keep their costs down.

Existing Loupe Cloud-Hosted customers can keep their current subscription until they’re ready to take advantage of a new module or add capacity.

Where can I learn more about the features of Loupe 5?

You can learn more about what changes to expect with Loupe 5 using the link below.

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