• Loupe 5.1 Released

    Building on Loupe 5 with new features to help you provide better support to your users, usability enhancements, and improved integration instructions.

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  • Improved Event Matching with Automatic Message Redaction

    At the core of Loupe Monitor and Resolve is the ability to group error messages that represent the same underlying problem together. As log messages arrive at the server, Loupe analyzes them and groups together ones that share the same signature into an Event. In Loupe Monitor, error events generate Alerts and in Loupe Resolve they go into the review queue so you can decide if they’re defects or not....

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  • Effective Defect Tracking for Difficult .NET Applications

    Recently we went over using Loupe Resolve for first time users. But Loupe Resolve has advanced features meant for working with more difficult applications with intense amounts of errors and logs. Here we will cover some of the finer features of Loupe Resolve that help you manage unwieldy log data.

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  • Finding the Context for .NET Errors with Loupe

    An error log on it's own can be useful. But sometimes you will need more than a single log to understand a problem. Here we go over the various ways Loupe 5 can help you navigate the whole context for any error in your .NET applications.

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