• Using Loupe to Make Our Free Trial Better

    We have made some changes to the Loupe trial to improve the new user experience - but we didn't know the change was needed until we looked through our logs. In this article we will go over how we used Loupe to improve Loupe.

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  • What is a Log Monitoring SaaS?

    A Log Monitoring SaaS is online software that looks for specific criteria in your log data, and sends out alerts when those criteria are met. But what makes one a good fit for your application requires a deeper look.

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  • What Do I Need to Add Logging for .NET Core?

    When you add logging to an application in .NET, you are really adding 3 items: a logging api, a logging framework, and a log sink. Let's discuss the differences between the three, and where they fit in your application.

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  • Where to Initialize a Logger on .NET 5?

    Logging the entire startup process is one of the few spots where Microsoft Extensions Logging is not the easy built-in solution for the problem. So I decided to give Serilog and the Loupe API a spin and see if they could do the trick.

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