• What's Coming in Loupe 5

    Version 5 is a big step forward with Loupe debuting a modularized web UI, a new module, improved Agent and Client connectivity, enhanced web API, and more. New usability enhancements make it easier for your team to adopt Loupe, tailoring it to fit your needs. The new modular approach helps onboarding new team members too, all helping make Loupe indispensible!

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  • Adding a Logger With the .NET 6 Minimal Hosting Model

    The new hosting model for .NET 6 looks quite a bit different than the generic model. But for many, it's a change worth investigating. This article will cover a basic log-to-file setup with Serilog and logging directly to Loupe. Hopefully, that will help make testing out .NET 6 a little bit easier for you.

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  • .NET 6 is Here! What Does it Mean for You and Loupe?

    If you're looking to get started with a new application or migrate your existing application to .NET 6, rest easy. Loupe will continue to cover your logging needs. Our current Loupe agents for .NET Core work with .NET 6.

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  • Client-Side JavaScript Logging Examples on ASP.NET

    The more ASP.NET applications rely on client-side computing, the harder it becomes to keep tabs on them using traditional logging methods. Luckily, the right logging tools can solve those issues, such as the Loupe agents for Angular and typescript. Here, we will go over some logging examples using a single-page application on ASP.NET to show how Loupe can be used for JavaScript development.

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  • Live Logging With Serilog for ASP.NET Core

    Live log viewing is very handy for diagnosing tricky errors and getting much needed context on your application. Luckily, Serilog makes it easy to connect to live logging sinks and alter the logging output to fit your needs. Here, we take a look at the two most popular real-time logging options, then take a look at Loupe Desktop.

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