Conversation with Scott Hanselman at Hanselminutes

HanselminutesI had the good fortune to be invited to chat with Scott Hanselman about what it’s like to create a software company as part of his ongoing series on startups.  In a quick 30 minutes we talked through a number of the angles of what it’s like to go all in on a startup.  It was great to hear that even Microsoft, with all of their resources, has many of the same problems we do just at a much larger scale.

I’m going to be doing an extended version of a talk on the same subject at the New York City Code Camp next weekend Creating Your Own Software Company: A Survival Guide.  Come on out and you can hear that session, grill me at length afterwards, and hear four even better speakers all in one day.  Code Camps are the best kept secret in software development today; if you aren’t hunting them out in your area you’re missing a great opportunity…

Later in October I’m on a pretty intense two week tour - starting in Philadelphia and ending in Coventry, UK.

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