Capture Log4Net Data with Loupe

Loupe was designed to be the best way to process and view Log4Net data available; capturing everything you’re already sending to Log4Net and extending it with Loupe’s additional data.

How the Loupe Agent works with Log4Net

Loupe interfaces with Log4Net through the Loupe Agent for Log4Net. This allows it to work beside existing Appenders to allow you to try Loupe in parallel with your existing log storage techniques. Because Log4Net is available as source code and through a large number of binary distributions the Loupe Appender isn’t compiled into the Loupe Agent. Instead, it is provided in source code and as a NuGet Package compiled against the latest release of Log4Net available at the time of final testing of this release. You can include the Appender source code in your own library, or compile it as is, referencing the Log4Net version you are distributing.

To quickly start capturing your Log4Net data with Loupe, following our getting started guide.

Centralized Logging, Error Management, and More

By adding Loupe with your existing Log4Net application, all of the custom messages you’ve created will be merged with the additional data Loupe captures and can be viewed locally or sent to a Loupe Server for centralized storage and analysis.

Within minutes you can be getting notifications of each unique error reported in your application, with all the tools you need to manage those issues and support your users.

For more information on how Log4Net and Loupe complement each other see Log4Net and Loupe Comparison

Rock solid centralized logging

Unlimited applications, unlimited errors, scalable from solo startup to enterprise.