On-Premises Licensing Offers Total Control

An On-Premises Loupe Server allows you to keep all your log data behind your firewall

On-Premises Licensing offers total data control – everything runs on your systems, managed by your staff and all your log data stays behind your firewall. You also have extra capabilities not available in our standard Loupe Server Subscriptions such as real-time remote log viewing and the ability to extend the Loupe Server log analysis pipeline with your own custom modules.

Easy Access to All Your Production Diagnostic Data at Any Time

Adding a Loupe Server to your network enables centralized management and analysis of your Loupe log data. Detailed usage and error data is available to your development team from any browser and logs can be downloaded to your computer for detailed analysis using Loupe Desktop.

Loupe Server keeps your team informed about every error, how often each error occurs and who it is impacting. Receive email notifications of important events without your inbox being flooded with noise. Make informed choices about which errors require attention and mange the resolution of issues directly within Loupe Server or in conjunction with your in-house defect tracking system.

Easy to Set Up, Easy to Host

Loupe Server runs on a standard Windows Server with dependencies your team is probably already using - IIS and SQL Server (Express edition or higher). Easy installation and initial configuration with our built in Loupe Server Administrator means no editing configuration files by hand.

You can also host your own Loupe server in AWS, Azure, or most other cloud providers.

For more details on setting up your own Loupe Server, see Loupe Server - Installation and Operations in our online documentation. Finally, each new license includes remote setup assistance from our support team to be sure you get up and running right.

Ready to give Loupe Server a try in your shop? We offer a free, 30-day trial complete with installation support. Just contact us to set up your concierge trial. We’ll help you set up a Loupe Server to test and make sure your team gets off to a great start!

No Additional Costs by Application or Volume

When you run your own Loupe Server you can store as much data as you want, for as many applications as you want, no additional cost. Instead, licensing is based on the number of team members that will log into Loupe itself and the Loupe Server plus a license for the Loupe Server itself.

Rock solid centralized logging

Unlimited applications, unlimited errors, scalable from solo startup to enterprise.