Redistribute Loupe With Loupe Server OEM

Loupe OEM Licensing offers an extraordinary ability to support systems you deploy to multiple customer sites.

With OEM licensing, Loupe Server can be an integral part of the server infrastructure you install and support at customer sites.

The following diagram illustrates how a Loupe Server OEM License allows you to integrate Loupe Server as part of systems you deploy to multiple customer sites. Logs are collected locally at each site even from computers that have no internet access. On a site-by-site basis you can choose to have logs forwarded to a central Loupe Server at your site. This distributed architecture gives you the ability to manage errors across your entire installed base while simultaneously providing flexibility for individual sites to manage their own log data.

Loupe Server OEM Deployment Scenarios

Sounds great, what does it cost?

Pricing is customized based on your specific deployment scenarios (how many systems, etc) and is renewed on an annual basis. Contact us so we can work out a surprisingly affordable option for you and your customers!

Rock solid centralized logging

Unlimited applications, unlimited errors, scalable from solo startup to enterprise.