Loupe Cloud-Hosted

Hosted By Us, Ready for You

The fastest, easiest way to get Loupe working for you is to sign up for Loupe Cloud-Hosted. We’ll provision a service for you in seconds that you can share with your team. Using our built-in guides for integrating with your applications you’ll be up and running quickly.

Always Up to Date

Loupe Cloud gets the latest enhancements automatically with no effort on your part. You can even elect to participate in our Fast Ring program to see new user experiences and influence their development before they’re generally available.

Securely Maintained

Each Loupe Cloud-Hosted service is set up with its own distinct data storage area, separate from all other customers. Access to this data is only via our services, not directly from the Internet. All communication with Loupe Cloud is secured using the latest TLS encryption and we are aggressive about ensuring the latest OS and network updates are deployed to ensure the availability and security of our platform.

Scalable, Available, Trustworthy

We’ve built out Loupe Cloud-Hosted in multiple regions around the world to provide a highly scalable, on-demand experience. You can decide how much data you want Loupe to keep for you from one gigabyte up to tens of terabytes.

Loupe automatically scales its processing capacity to handle large surges in activity and employs load balancing approaches to ensure all customers get great performance, without worrying about busy customers crowding out anyone else.

Loupe Cloud-Hosted debuted in 2009, handling petabytes of log data and billions of customer errors.

Rock solid centralized logging

Unlimited applications, unlimited errors, scalable from solo startup to enterprise.