Loupe 4.0 Released with New User Focus and Expansive new Web UI

We’ve gone 4.0!  After 18 months of development, three betas and around 800 builds it’s finally here.  Our Loupe Service customers were upgraded this weekend and for everyone else you can download the latest release right away.   If you’re not currently using Loupe, definitely check out our new feature rundown on our main site.

Back in November of last year we laid out what we we were aiming for with version 4.   published the internal document the team developed that lays out the details, it’s worth a read to get a full view of what was planned for Loupe 4.   Our key goals were to transform the utility of Loupe for rapid customer support and make the Loupe Web User Interface the centerpiece of user’s experience.  Based on feedback from our beta community, we’re confident we’ve nailed it.

Lets See the Difference

For a quick review of what’s new in Loupe 4.0 (compared to version 3.7), check out the blog articles we published with each Beta:

Or, check out our new videos that show the brand new user interface:

Cool, How do I Try It?

If you’re already a Loupe user, just upgrade your server or Windows client to the latest version.  Nearly all the functionality is available without even upgrading your agents, making this a no-brainer upgrade.

If you haven’t tried Loupe, there’s never been a better time to give it a go.  We’ve worked to make it even easier to get going fast with Loupe, just sign up for a free trial and in no time you can see the most important proof - real results with your applications.

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