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I've built a career solving hard problems for technology companies. As a seasoned CTO/COO I specialize in helping SaaS companies beat the expectations of their customers, investors - and competitors. For long-form articles on managing a technology company, see my personal writing site

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Improved Event Matching with Automatic Message Redaction

At the core of Loupe Monitor and Resolve is the ability to group error messages that represent the same underlying problem together. As log messages arrive at the server, Loupe analyzes them and groups together ones that share the same signature into an Event. In Loupe Monitor, error events generate... Read more

What's Coming in Loupe 5

Version 5 is a big step forward with Loupe debuting a modularized web UI, a new module, improved Agent and Client connectivity, enhanced web API, and more. New usability enhancements make it easier for your team to adopt Loupe, tailoring it to fit your needs. The new modular approach helps... Read more

Loupe Support for .NET 5 Now Available

Loupe's Agents have been updated to support .NET 5 applications using the same family of agents that support .NET Core and .NET Standard. Update to the latest versions from NuGet today Read more

Rock solid centralized logging

Unlimited applications, unlimited errors, scalable from solo startup to enterprise.