Take a Look at Our New Tutorial for Loupe Server

I really believe that Loupe Server is an excellent piece of software and something that I would have loved to have throughout my career. But it took me a pretty long time to learn how to use it well. We have detailed documentation, but I have always been more of a visual and auditory learner. In the process of learning how to use Loupe, I wished there was an easier way for me to learn the basics.

So, I created one. Today, I released five tutorial videos on our youtube channel, setting up a brand new Loupe Server trial.

This series so far covers these topics:

I’m happy with the topics covered here. Still, I plan on adding more videos over time, starting with some tutorials specifically for Loupe Desktop (I really want to show of the New Session View feature after all).

But if you just want to start watching, here is the first video of the series:

Interested in following along? Try out Loupe for yourself with our free trial. Anything I do in these vids you can do as well because I made them all using the trial!

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