Mark Prince

Mark Prince is a content writer and junior developer for Loupe. In his spare time, he drums for local rock bands and talks about his dog Gunther.

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Maintaining Better Desktop Apps With Centralized Logging

So you have a desktop application, and maybe it’s beginning to feel a little bit outdated. But the desktop isn’t the problem; it’s managing the application that causes trouble. Here, we discuss how centralized logging can help solve problems for desktop application developers. Read more

Self-Hosted Error Tracking With Loupe

The option to self-host a cloud service is not a standard expectation, but it's a feature of the Loupe ecosystem that's important for our users. Without the option, many couldn't use Loupe in the first place. Here, I'll go over a few reasons our users self-host Loupe for their error... Read more

Effective Angular Error Logging for Production Apps

Early in an Angular project’s development, logging can be pretty straightforward. But it gets far more problematic once your application's released and running around the globe. Here, we will review why logging Angular errors in production can be difficult in the first place and what you can do to log... Read more

Where Does Microsoft Extensions Logging Log To?

If you are new to logging in .NET Core or .NET 5, chances are you have started dabbling with Microsoft.Extensions.Logging (MEL). Here, we will go over where MEL logs to by default and how to select a new log sink. Read more

Logging User Navigation for Angular SPAs in ASP.NET

Single Page Applications (SPAs), by their definition, take place on one web page. This causes problems for traditional methods of tracking user navigation through an application. This article will go over how you can track users through your logs for ASP.NET using the Loupe Agent. Read more

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