Mark Prince

Mark Prince is a content writer and junior developer for Loupe. In his spare time, he drums for local rock bands and talks about his dog Gunther.

Latest Blog Posts by Mark Prince

Where to Initialize a Logger on .NET 5?

Logging the entire startup process is one of the few spots where Microsoft Extensions Logging is not the easy built-in solution for the problem. So I decided to give Serilog and the Loupe API a spin and see if they could do the trick. Read more

Want a Free, Real-Time Log Viewer for .NET?

Want to free real-time log viewer for ASP.NET and Entity Framework on .NET 5? Loupe Desktop includes a live session viewer that allows you to read your local or remote log data as it's created. Read more

Tutorials for Getting Started with Loupe Desktop

A few weeks ago, I made some tutorials for Loupe Server. Today, I put out a couple for Loupe Desktop as well to show people how to set up Loupe Desktop for local logging and how to use the New Session View. Read more

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