Mark Prince

Mark Prince is a content writer and junior developer for Gibraltar Software. In his spare time, he drums for local rock bands and plays with his dog Gunther.

Top Blog Posts by Mark Prince

A Look at the Loupe 5 UI

Even for users that don't keep up with out new, the release of Loupe 5 will be obvious. That's because we are completely changing the entire User Interface. Here, we will go over what the changes mean for navigating Loupe 5, and view some videos, gifs, and screenshots. Read more

Reducing the Storage Demands of .NET Core Log Files

Despite TB hard drives becoming pedestrian, handling storage is still a struggle for many. Data caps, expanding file sizes, and more put pressure on software developers to cut down the storage demands of their applications, both for their customers and themselves. Often, one of the first places a team will... Read more

Using Loupe With .NET Core Logging Frameworks

Recently, I've been updating our documentation and in-app directions for Loupe 5. Part of that includes new instructions for logging framework integrations. This article will go over the instructions in detail and discuss which integrations we recommend for our users. Read more

Rock solid centralized logging

Unlimited applications, unlimited errors, scalable from solo startup to enterprise.