Loupe Self-Hosted Pricing

On-Premises Log Aggregation and Analysis (we also offer Loupe Cloud Subscriptions)

Standard Edition

Ideal for most teams and applications


+ user licenses

  • Single Server Instance
  • Single Data Repository
  • Basic User Management
  • Logging + Errors + Metrics
  • Unlimited Data Collection & Log Retention
  • Real-Time Remote Log Viewer
  • Extensibility through Custom Add-Ins
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Enterprise Edition

Ideal for critical appplications and larger teams


+ user licenses

  • Multiple Instance Clustering
  • Multiple Repository Support
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Everything in Standard, Plus:
  • Clustering for High Availability and Throughput
  • Multiple Repositories for Granular Data Management
  • Active Directory Integration for Simplfied User Management
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User Licenses

In addition to a Loupe Server license, you also need a User License for each member of your team using Loupe. User Licenses may be shared across multiple servers.

Single-User License $495
5-User License Pack $1,495 ($300/seat)
10-User License Pack $2,495 ($250/seat)

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Loupe different from other tools?

Loupe combines logging with error reporting. This unique combination of centralized log management with automated error analysis saves you time poinpointing the root cause of runtime errors and performance issues.

Loupe is also extremely efficient and reliable in production. All Loupe data is buffered first to memory then to local disk so it is super fast and nothing is lost even if the network goes down.

Finally, the Loupe logging libraries and log viewer are free. Even if you never purchase a Loupe subscription, you can view your logs locally.

Can I try Loupe before I buy it?

Yes! We encourage you to give Loupe a try with the trial. It’s completely free for 30 days, no credit card required. And, even if you never purchase a Loupe Subscription or Loupe Server license, you can continue to use our logging libraries and log viewer for free, forever.

Is it difficult to integrate Loupe with my software?

Not at all. The simple setup captures unhandled errors as well as any existing logging you're already doing and it takes just a couple minutes.

What is a user?

A user is a member of your team who uses the data collected by Loupe. There are no limits on the number of computers or users running your software.

How much is software maintenance?

One year of software upgrades and support is included. After the first year, software maintenance costs 24% of the then current license cost.

What if I want a refund?

If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. We offer a generous 45-day no questions asked return policy on all purchases.

Can Loupe Server be redistributed?

Yes, we offer OEM licensing allowing you to ship Loupe Server as part of your system.

What are the key benefits of Enterprise Edition?

Loupe Enterprise Edition is designed for organizations with larger teams or supporting larger user communities. Key features include:

  • Clustering for high availability and throughput
  • Active Directory Integration for simplified user management
  • Multiple Data Repositories for more granular user and data administration.

What is your full Terms of Service?

You can read the full Terms of Service in our documentation here.

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