• With Millions at Stake, Financial Services Firm Relies on Loupe

    A major financial services company offers a trading application used by 20+ trading offices across the globe. The application is mission-critical for the trading offices using it, and the application is essential to the company’s success in the market. Loupe's .NET application logging solution has dramatically improved the company's ability to keep systems up and running—ready to take advantage of million-dollar trading opportunities as they happen.

  • SolutionsX Uses Loupe to Support Customers; Find and Fix Errors in CADTalk

    The support team for CADTalk used to be dependent on screenshots and customer reports to troubleshoot bugs and errors in its software. The process was difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating for both end-users and the support team. Then the CADTalk team implemented Loupe’s .NET application logging solution. Using Loupe's reports, the support team is now empowered to troubleshoot customer problems, identify bugs, monitor performance, and inform its development team of needed...

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