With Millions at Stake, Financial Services Firm Relies on Loupe

A major financial services company offers a trading application used by 20+ trading offices across the globe. The application is mission-critical for the trading offices using it, and the application is essential to the company’s success in the market. Loupe's .NET application logging solution has dramatically improved the company's ability to keep systems up and running—ready to take advantage of million-dollar trading opportunities as they happen.

By the Numbers

  • 20+ global trading offices
  • 1,000+ users per day
  • 2 central data locations
  • Millions of dollars at stake

The Problem

A major U.S. financial services company has created a successful trading application currently being used by 20+ trading offices all over the world. As a trading application, errors or downtime can equal millions of dollars in lost opportunities.

To keep the application running, the company’s support team had developed a series of in-house troubleshooting tools, but the process was less than ideal:

  • When a user contacted the support team, the troubleshooting process was completely manual
  • Finding the source of the problem was difficult.
  • The home-grown tools only worked for current, active sessions, not past sessions, and there was no archive.

The support team also struggled with inconsistent metrics about how the application was performing in the field and they had no metrics about how individual features were being used.

That’s when they turned to Loupe for help.

The Solution

The financial services company replaced its home-grown tools with Loupe’s .NET logging solution.

Using Loupe, the support team was able to install error reporting and usage logging for all users of its trading application. Loupe’s data reports allowed the support team to watch real-time errors in trading offices around the globe. Data was collected and sent to offices in London and New York City using the company’s financial infrastructure. All data remained secure throughout the process.

The company also used Loupe’s API to capture metrics for the application’s custom dashboard, providing unprecedented insight into utilization and usage by end users.

The Results

Loupe quickly became one of the support team’s most important monitoring tools for its trading application.

Using Loupe, the company was often able to solve user problems in minutes - instead of hours or days. By doing so, they were able to keep their trading offices up and running - able to capitalize on the million-dollar opportunities that can happen at any moment during a trading day.

They found Loupe so effective that they quickly purchased additional licenses. Their success hadn’t gone unnoticed - additional development teams within the company took notice and integrated Loupe with their applications, leveraging the built-in capability of Loupe to support many teams with the same infrastructure.

Today, their cross-functional support team uses Loupe to monitor more than half a dozen applications across different departments. They are also heavy users of the Live Sessions feature to confirm that new versions of the applications have been correctly deployed, critical with applications that can be updated multiple times each day. Live Sessions also provides real-time data on the status of a user’s desk, so when there’s an issue it can be addressed in real time.

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