Upcoming Loupe Release

You may have noticed that we didn’t publish an update at the end of September, and here we are halfway through October.  What’s up?

Well, we’re hard at work on a major update of Loupe.  There’ll be a full announcement in the next week but separate from that we’ve been busy incorporating a lot of end-user feedback.   Loupe’s been in enough user’s hands that now we’re getting a good stream of detailed feedback on places where we can make it better, and frankly we want to accommodate all of it.  Short of that, we’re trying to hit as much as we can.

What’s in the next update? 

Plenty!  Here are some of the new features:

Analyst Repository Viewer

  • Make bulk delete & update operations on sessions faster.
  • Enable more keyboard-friendly shortcuts like Ctrl-A for select all in any grid that supports multi-select.
  • Open only one copy of Analyst so users can repeatedly open packages and have them open into the same copy of Analyst.

Analyst Session Viewer

  • Intelligently hide columns that don’t contain interesting data.
  • Hide Log Message Details tabs that are never used for the current session, make the others highlight better when they contain interesting data.
  • Make it easier to see the full command line that was used to execute a session when it’s really long.
  • Add a full screen view for a log message to make viewing really long log messages easier (we have sample data from customers where a single log message is multiple pages of text when printed)
  • Intelligently resize the log message column for a more balanced display.


  • Packages are about 30% smaller than before. (but still backwards compatible).
  • Have Packager automatically split up large packages into smaller chunks when sending via Email to make sure attachments don’t get rejected because of size.

We’ve also fixed every customer defect that has been reported as well as a set that we’ve found internally.  There are some performance enhancements for logs that have interesting data cases such as very long captions without white space or badly structured XML data in log details as well.   As always, full information will be in the release notes once we ship.

When Will This Be Available?

We’re going to announce a preview version in the next week in concert with the major feature announcement.  The preview version will be available to Loupe licensed users immediately.  It’ll be available for trial download at a later date once the preview program has concluded.

Want to get in on the action?  Every license of Loupe includes 12 months of maintenance - which means you get every update we ship in that timeframe and access to priority support.   Priority support isn’t just help when things go wrong, it’s also our ear listening carefully to how we can make the product more effective for you. 

Everything we listed above for new functionality - every last one - came from requests from real customers.   Your voice really counts with Loupe Software.

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