No-Install-Necessary Rapid Loupe Implementation

In case you haven’t been reading between the lines (and really, who has time for that?) We’ve enabled a complete solution for Loupe that lets you go start to finish without an installation or anything else that modifies your machine.  It’s build-server friendly (because all you need is NuGet or your own copy of a few files) and invisible until you want or need it.

Only Two Steps to The Best Logging Available

How do you get there?

  1. Use NuGet to Add Gibraltar.Agent.Web (for a web site) or just Gibraltar.Agent for any other application.
  2. On your Web Site or Executable use NuGet and add Gibraltar.Loupe.Viewer.  You don’t need a reference to it, you just want to have it included in your shipping application.
Local Sessions List

Local Sessions List

During development, run LoupeViewer.exe on your computer to get immediate real-time access to log data from your applications while you’re developing (no worries - it’s designed to just run in the background and let you know when there are new sessions you can access).

When your application is running in the field - be it on a server or a customer’s desktop - you can have them just start up the LoupeViewer.exe to see any Loupe-enabled application running on their machine.  It can trigger log file rollover so you can copy out the log files for use with the full Loupe Desktop if you want or submit them to Loupe Server, again if you want.

Graduate to Loupe Service for a Zero Effort Team Solution

When you’re moving from development to deployment you’ll definitely want to check out Loupe Server: Customer after Customer tells us it has helped them find a number of problems happening in the field that their users never informed them of.  This is the reality of applications in the field - few people will take the time to tell you that your application has messed up and it’s caused them a problem, even fewer on the web.  But, each one is a potential upset user.

Loupe Server UsageHere our install-less story continues - just use the configuration wizard built into the LoupeViewer to configure your application to send to a trial copy of our Loupe Software-as-a-Service offering.  Free for 30 days, you can monitor what versions folks are running in the field and be well informed of any problems they run into.  Of course, you don’t have to use the wizard, you can edit your configuration by hand if you’d prefer.

And that’s the whole story - soup to nuts, no installation!  Of course, our legendary support is available every step along the way if you’d like some assistance.  Just let us know how we can help get you up and running with Loupe!

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