Loupe 4.0 Beta 1- Expansive new Web UI, better Desktop and Server integration

We’ve published the first beta of Loupe 4.0.  We’ve been using it internally for several months and it’s really changed how we use Loupe.  If you’re using our Loupe Service you’ll need to wait until it’s released but if you have your own private Loupe Server you can get a jump on everyone by updating to this beta!

What’s New in 4.0?

Loupe Desktop and Server - Closer than Ever Before

A big push in Loupe 4 has been to improve how Desktop and Server work together.  We’ve added a new native server connection that’s fast and exposes server data directly in Desktop, making it easy to find the session you’re interested in quickly.

Log Event List

Want to see more?  You can see all the information for a log event without having to open the session, pulling the data right from the server.  We’ve also added links that take you directly to the relevant area in the server UI when you want to use the unique features it offers like Issues.

Log Event Window

Expansive New Server UI - Sessions, Computers, Application Versions and More

We’ve added a number of new views to the server UI to expose as much data as possible directly in the web.  You can now search and view sessions, see the world from the perspective of a single computer, and understand the adoption and issues with application versions better than ever before.

Fix Noisy Log Messages

Most production systems will have a few noisy messages - perhaps they have a timestamp or a file name in them so they all look unique to the system but really are the same problem.  You can rewrite these messages within the server to group them together intelligently.

Redact Log Message

Hide your Developers

If your team is anything like ours, they can create a lot of crazy errors while writing the next great version of your app.  There’s no reason for problems that never leave the developer’s desktop to ever make it into your reporting system.  With Loupe 4 you can tag whole Environments to suppress their sessions from ever being analyzed and integrated with your application’s data.  This improves the accuracy of your metrics and makes sure when you’re seeing a list of errors to review they happened in a deployed copy of your app.

The Road to Release

We strove to have this beta be feature complete, so any feature changes from here will be the result of feedback from our beta community.  In addition to that, we’ve got a backlog of UI polishing in the server to do.  We expect to ship 4 RTW in late August.

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