Loupe 3.5.6 Maintenance Release Now Available

We’ve just released Loupe 3.5.6 - a maintenance release to Loupe 3.5. This includes a rollup of some hotfixes provided to affected customers and other items discovered in our internal testing. We’ve already updated the Loupe Service to this release and now it’s available for you to download and take advantage of.

Loupe Server Now Supports SQL Azure

We’ve supported monitoring applications on Microsoft Azure from day one but deploying Loupe Server meant creating virtual machines and installing SQL Server. This is more complicated and expensive than ideal, so in this release we’ve done extended testing to be sure the entire application can support SQL Azure. It still requires a single Virtual Machine for the Loupe Server itself but no SQL Server is required. We’ll be publishing an article shortly on how to set up Loupe Server in Azure covering all the details.

Enhanced Notification Emails

Based on customer requests we’ve added extended details for the most recent occurrence of an application event or issue to the email notifications that get generated. While how you react to an application event or issue should be based on the application versions (and whether it’s a release version or internal version) in fact a problem in production or on a particular set of systems often outranks the same problem happening on a test system or somewhere less critical.

Improved Security

We’ve changed the Loupe Server web interface to automatically redirect security pages to SSL if SSL is enabled for the web site and to do other actions to encourage SSL access when it is available.  To take advantage of this feature you need to set up the web site in IIS to use SSL and then use the Loupe Server Administrator to indicate SSL is available.

New Documentation on Loupe Server Events and Issues

We’ve added a new Loupe Server User’s Guide covering:

We hope this helps you and your team take advantage of Loupe Server!

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