Loupe Preview: Build 2 Now Available

Your involvement in the feedback cycle for our Loupe Preview is invaluable.

The preview process helps us to find real-world problems and have them fixed before the full release makes its way into the wild.

As you may already know, we use our Gibraltar tools in order to monitor Gibraltar tools. It’s like dog-fooding, well, dog food! We’re checking, re-checking and re-checking again to make sure that we don’t miss any major issues before the full release of Loupe Server with the new web UI and Loupe Desktop.

Thanks to your messages, reports and feedback we can continue improving Loupe as we move closer and closer to the full release date. So please do keep the feedback coming.

We’ve incorporated some of your input into Loupe Preview number 2 already, and Kendall and the team have taken this opportunity to release a second preview build for you to download and try out.

This build comes with improvements, fixes and enhancements to both Loupe Server and Loupe Desktop including dramatically improved performance for viewing session events related to large numbers of sessions, and a more compact form of Session Event and Log Event views.

You can read more about the additional fixes and improvements in Kendall’s forum post. Enjoy!

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