Loupe for the Web: Strategic Planning

If you are a Product Manager then strategic planning is down to you. To do a decent job with that planning you need to know things like: how your application is used, which versions are used and over what time scales. Luckily, Loupe is here to help you.

Loupe can show you what versions of your software are being used over time:


As well as what operating systems your software is running on:


Naturally, all this information can be filtered by Categorization, Dates & Version, Software Environment and Hardware Environment:


As well as that, Loupe helps you by allowing you to do “what if “ testing around minimum specs., letting you know what specs you can drop support for. You can use the following dialog to specify a minimum spec:


And Loupe will show you matching and failing users, this can aid your strategic planning.

Well that wraps up this look at Loupe for Product Managers, until next time, happy coding!

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