Hub: Email Notifications

Good morning everyone, and it’s time to open door number 8 on our Gibraltar Advent Calendar!

In this post I want to talk to you about email notifications from Hub. To receive these, the first thing you have to do is to configure Hub to send them. This is really a two part process. Part 1 is where you configure the Hub to be able to send email notifications, and Part 2 is where you subscribe to those notifications via your installed copy of Analyst, via the Tools –> Notification Options menu item, as shown below:

Hub Notification Options

Having completed that two step process, notifications will be triggered and sent to you, but which notifications? Well there are two types of notifications generated by the Hub. Firstly, there’s a New Session Notification that alerts the user to a qualifying session being received with a summary of the overall session. That notification looks like this. Secondly, there’s the New Log Message Notification that alerts the user to a distinct log message being received within a qualifying session, and that notification looks like this.

That’s straight forward enough, but what sessions trigger a notification? Well, when a session arrives at the Hub it’s checked against the suppression rules if it matches, notification processing stops. The session is checked against all of the notification rules to identify if it should be scanned for session notifications or message notifications, if it matches two rules that would result in the same message content only a single email will be sent. The final list of “surviving” messages is sent out to the list of unique addresses from the address list. Check out this link for more information on how to configure notification rules.

Well that’s it for this “treat sized” advent post. Until next time, happy coding!

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