Get that Festive Feeling with Gibraltar Software!


All I want for Christmas

It’s been a busy year for Gibraltar Software. We’ve coded a lot, we’ve travelled a lot and we’ve found some great new people to work with as we make our way towards the close of 2012.

Rachel's Reindeer Advent CalendarTomorrow, Saturday December 1st, we’ll kick off a festive-themed advent calendar to ring in the season of goodwill.

Our advent calendar won’t have chocolates but it will highlight some of the many ways that you can get value from the Gibraltar products with daily tips, tricks and feature highlights. By Monday December 24th, we won’t have added to your waistline, but we will add to your wallet!

We’re giving you the chance to win a Christmas cracker of a prize:

$200 in Amazon gift vouchers!

Your Gibraltar Christmas Wish List

We want to end 2012 on a high as we look toward the future of the Gibraltar products, and we’d like you to get involved.

What new features or functionality do you want to see in Analyst, Hub and VistaDB in future releases?

Get your festive thinking caps on, start noting down your Christmas feature wish list, and keep your mince pies peeled for links to the contest … did you see what I did there? Brilliant festive pun for the UK crowd!

Links to the contest will appear in each of our advent calendar posts. You can enter as many wish list items as you can think of on the contest page.

The contest will end on the dot of 1.00am (Eastern Time) on December 25th, 2012.

After the closing date, our little helpers will select a winner at random from all of the entries. That person will get a tidy little sum in the form of a $200 Amazon Gift Card to start their New Year sale shopping on January 2nd, 2013!

Why are we celebrating?

This year has been as exciting as it has been busy, and we want to end the year by sharing some festive fun with you kind folks.

This year we released no less than six product updates – that’s one every eight weeks!

Gibraltar 3.0 was released with considerable improvements to scalability and performance. Not only that but we upgraded support for Postsharp, verified support for Mono 2.4.2 and later, and we added Hub support for SQL Server.

Not content with that, we started improving VistaDB too. After releasing VistaDB v 4.3, thanks to several optimisations to query execution and result caching, we saw queries running two-and-a-half times faster than in previous versions. We then made a further four updates that included support for Visual Studio 2012 and significant improvements to memory usage.


In between all of that we travelled from Ohio to Oslo and Kentucky to Cambridge to take part in some great events. Along the way we met some amazing community folks and ate Dr Who cupcakes!

By the end of 2012, no less than three new workmates will have joined Gary, Kendall, Jay and the existing Gibraltar Software team: there’s Dave, Nathan and there’s me, Rachel.

This cracking Christmas contest is our way of saying thank you for being a part of the Christmases past, present and future of Gibraltar Software … Now get wishing!


 Gibraltar Software Christmas Cracker

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