Announcing Loupe by Gibraltar Software: Derive Value from Integrity

Consider this:

  • What if you could guarantee the integrity of your software and derive value for your business from that assurance?
  • What if you could see below the surface imperfections that are not visible to the naked eye and resolve problems early on in the pipeline before they start to cause critical issues for your customers?

Everyone can see a continually crashing website, after all, and know that there is something wrong, but what if you could inspect your software creations under a magnifying glass, and continue to monitor the integrity of your software even after deployment?

Gibraltar Software are proud to announce the release of Loupe – the next generation of Analyst and Hub.

Loupe [pronounced “loop”] is your software-focused equivalent to a jeweler’s magnifying glass. It aids in highlighting the imperfections that are hidden from sight and offers tangible diagnostic evidence to help you to solve problems arising from questionable integrity quickly and efficiently.

Loupe will be available to the general public, in pre-release format, from Monday February 4th, with the full release being a month later on Monday March 4th.

We know you’ll have lots of questions about Loupe, and we’ll answer them all in future posts. For now let me answer two of the most basic questions. Let’s start with…

What is it?

Loupe is the next generation of Gibraltar Analyst and Hub, providing a new powerful server that digs through all of the data about how your applications work to provides clear insight about the integrity of your software.

Bugs happen and are discovered everywhere and now you can find, analyze and have them fixed from anywhere.  Loupe provides both a touch-enabled web client and a deep, powerful Windows client.

Better yet, since Loupe can be delivered as a SaaS solution (where we host your data) or as an “on premise” server solution (where you host everything) you can pick the deployment option your organization needs.

What Problem Does it Solve?

Through 2013 Gibraltar Software will be bringing products to the market that reflect the themes we believe are important in 21st century software development. One of these themes is “behind all rock solid software is a rock solid team”.

Loupe illustrates this theme by spreading the knowledge about the integrity of your software, throughout the team. With Loupe, every team member can have access to the analysis surrounding their area of responsibility.

Naturally Loupe does much more than that, and we’ll be demonstrating the breadth and depth of its functionality in later blog posts, so stay tuned!

On February 4th everyone can download the Loupe preview version and find out how you can improve the integrity of your web and desktop applications with this great new tool from Gibraltar Software; in the meantime, happy coding!

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