Understand Usage Trends

Know your users

Loupe enables you and your team to use your .NET or Java application log data for more than just tracking errors. Loupe is designed to let you leverage that data and understand how each individual user interacts with your product.

Loupe keeps track of the individual users and how often they use your software, machines they use, their organization, specific events that impacted that user, and even contact information with user avatars for each user (depending on your companies privacy policy).

With Loupe’s application user tracking, it is easy to find the necessary information for a specific user who needs assistance or learn more about a power user of your application.

User Session Screen

React to your users’ needs

Loupe’s full text search makes it easy to react to specific user queries or needs. Someone had trouble logging into the website last night? Simply search their name and you will find their user profile as well as their sessions.

Loupe’s application user tracking is useful when assisting a specific user or set of users, but it also allows you and your team to identify potential problems before they become a major disruption. Each user session and event is saved which means you can find out when a user is using your application less, or is running into more errors during their sessions. Know your users’ problems before they are escalated, or turned into lost customers.

Use your log data proactively

Loupe’s application user tracking makes sure you get the most out of your application’s log data, not only when you need to fix a known error. Loupe saves the logs for each user session. These sessions can be used to find out how the adoption rate of your newest release, or the operating systems of your users over time. These insights can be used to help judge the success of a new release or as a reference point when discussing future needs of your application.

By providing the tools necessary to easily find and leverage your users’ application behavior, Loupe prevents your log data from only being used when things go wrong. Turn your log data into deliverables for your application.

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