Work smarter, not harder

Loupe is for busy teams committed to writing rock-solid software within tight schedule and budget constraints. This short demo illustrates how Loupe lets you capture every error on every computer running your software - without drowning in bug reports.

Key metrics and events are summarized on the Loupe Dashboard

The Loupe dashboard shows key metrics for each of your applications.

Loupe Dashboard

The Event Review List has a time-saving Clean-up events feature

Loupe can clean up the review list for you by removing events not seen in recent application versions, or below a certain severity, or events that haven’t occurred recently.

Event Review List

You can clean up the Event Review list by removing events that haven’t occurred for awhile

This saves time you might have wasted reviewing obsolete errors. And it’s safe to do this, because if any of those ignored events reoccur, they’ll be re-added to the review list.

Clean Up Events Dialog

You can clean-up known issues by resolving errors that haven’t occurred for awhile

Loupe can also clean up known issues by marking issues that haven’t been seen in recent builds as resolved. If any of those errors reoccur in a later build, Loupe will automatically reopen issues along with sending notification emails.

Resolve Issues Dialog

List clean-up can be a big time-saver, especially when publishing a new release

In this example, Loupe’s clean-up feature has cut the error backlog in half in about a minute.

Loupe Dashboard (cleaned)

Rock solid centralized logging

Unlimited applications, unlimited errors, scalable from solo startup to enterprise.