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Loupe for Operations

Loupe collects a ton of valuable application health data including errors, trace events and performance metrics. This demo shows how Loupe’s Latest Sessions display is fantastic for monitoring errors in specific environments.

You can find logs for a particular computer by simply typing the computer name

Latest Sessions Page

The Latest Session page updates dynamically to show sessions matching your criteria

Filtered Latest Sessions View

Computer Summary shows hardware and app config as well as latest errors and sessions

Computer Summary Page

Loupe tracks usage by version on each computer running your applications

Sessions Logs Over Time by Version

Seeing the list of errors for one computer helps with troubleshooting configuration programs

Machine Events Page

Loupe captures full details about every error

Event Details Page

Loupe captures detailed trace events of the events leading up to each error

Loupe Desktop Session Viewer

Loupe provides numerous ways to filter logs and highlight relevant details

Filtered Log View

You can quickly find errors in a log by selecting the error icon in Category and Class outlines

Select Error in Loupe Desktop

Metric charts can quickly pinpoint performance problems

Chart of Query Performance

Graphs of metrics over time provide additional context for understanding trace events

Graph of Metric Performance

Let’s say you want to check on a particular computer. Loupe gets you to the list of session logs for that machine with just a few keystrokes.

Or, let’s say that you’re responsible for monitoring the health of a whole suite of clustered applications running in a particular environment.

You can start by filtering the list of logs to just those applications that comprise my product. Next, you can filter further to only show logs with errors. You can add another filter criteria to only see logs from applications running in your environment.

Loupe’s Latest Session page updates continuously to show you just the relevant logs you care about.

You can drill into any log to see an overview of the associated hardware and software configuration. You can also see the errors and warnings from that log.

A unique feature of Loupe is that you can drill in even further to see detailed event traces and metrics.

Loupe downloads the log to my desktop makes it easy to quickly find the details that matter to me. Not only can I analyze the sequence of events leading to an error, I can also analyze performance.

For example, here’s a chart identifying which database queries run slowest. And here’s a graph showing when the database was under heavy load.

By putting actionable application health data at your fingertips, Loupe helps you take better care of your users faster and more efficiently.

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