Find the Details that Matter for Production

The details that matter in a production environment are different than those elsewhere your application runs. For example, you may not be bothered by a longer-than-usual loading time when running your application locally to develop a new feature. After all, it may not indicate any application defect, just the result of another process active on the machine. On the other hand, your customers will care quite a bit when the same extended loading time occurs while they’re using the product, whether it’s the application’s fault or not. Either way, you will need to get to the bottom of the problem.

Loupe Monitor is built to help operations and dev teams track their production applications by providing telemetry that matters. Loupe’s logging agents have collected performance metrics and hardware information for a long time now, but Monitor takes that data and puts it front and center.

Loupe Collects More than Just Log Messages

Often, the problems that arise in production are not the result of application defects, but circumstances. Things like hardware malfunctions, power fluctuations, and user counts can affect your applications' effectiveness. That's why Loupe Monitor helps you track items besides error rates, such as database query performance, private memory size, page hits, and more. Sometimes, these items can help indicate a problem better than errors alone, or provide additional context for a situation.

This way, when a group of errors does occur (like disconnections, etc.), you have extra data available to help you understand the severity of the issue, potential causes, and make quick decisions before the situation gets worse.

Get Notified About Problems in Production Right Away

Loupe is aware of the application environment each log came from. For Loupe's alert system, that means you can set up notifications specific to environments, like email notifications for critical failures in production, or a slack message to your team linking to the most recent session with errors on a docker deployment.

Loupe's notification filtering options let you get as specific as you need. This way you can avoid too much noise in your inbox and remain assured that you're informed on critical situations as they occur, not after the first wave of user feedback.

Rock solid centralized logging

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