Logs & Metrics from Everywhere

Logs from Anywhere - Desktop & Mobile, Online and Off

Loupe’s fault-tolerant design works to ensure you get all of the diagnostic data recorded by your applications wherever they run. Data is first recorded into compact binary files using local device storage and then asynchronously uploaded to Loupe in the background when network connections are available. By doing this in the background bandwidth is minimized and the upload process is segmented to ensure foreground activities aren’t affected.

All of this means with one system you can get data from everywhere .NET runs for you.

Access from Anywhere, The Way You Want

Using our responsive, tablet-friendly Web UI you can access your log data and all of the analysis Loupe performs from anywhere. Or, you can use Loupe Desktop - our native client for Windows - to rapidly drill through all of the data you record locally as well as on the Loupe Server.

Keep as much Data as you Need

Loupe’s compact binary log format is optimized for efficient long term storage, allowing terabytes of log data to be preserved for years if needed. The extensive compression used ensures you can record as much detail as your application runs as possible - because you can never go back and time and get more log data for what happened in production yesterday.

Rock solid centralized logging

Unlimited applications, unlimited errors, scalable from solo startup to enterprise.