Troubleshoot in real-time

Loupe is a comprehensive logging and error management system for .NET teams. This demo focuses on Loupe’s ability to view the tail of live application logs in real-time with sub-second latency.

Loupe supports live log streaming of local and remote computers

All versions of Loupe support live logging of local applications.


Remote live streaming requires a self-hosted Loupe Server or a Loupe Enterprise subscription

If you have a self-hosted Loupe Server or an Enterprise subscription you also have the ability to view live logs from remote computers - even if you don’t have direct access to those computers.


Remote live streaming is great for supporting data centers


Loupe-enabled processes can be grouped by application and other views

In the above example, a set servers are being monitored by an instance of Loupe. The Session Details at the bottom of the screen updates instantly as you select any application.


Multiple live streams can be active at once and independently paused

You can pause and resume live logging and even run multiple live windows at once.


Live streams can be filtered by priority or text string

You can also filter log messages by severity… or text string. Loupe’s Live Viewer updates instantly as you click around in the web UI.


Live streams let you view log messages in real-time with sub-second latency

Live Log Viewing provides an invaluable tool for testing and supporting both server-based and desktop applications. And, it’s just one of many ways that Loupe streamlines debugging, testing and customer support.


Rock solid centralized logging

Unlimited applications, unlimited errors, scalable from solo startup to enterprise.