Fix the Most Important Issues

Prioritize problems for your application

It is easy to get lost in a flood of errors. With traditional logging, one high volume problem can hide a dozen smaller problems that are actually affecting more users. But the Loupe .NET and Java logging framework categorizes errors for you. The Loupe Event Review List is designed to prevent very frequent errors from distracting you by grouping common errors together. This enables you to track how many distinct problems affect your application instead of just a total number of errors produced.

Loupe automatically categorizes errors on the Event Review List by what is most recent, most widespread, and most frequent. By automatically organizing errors for you, you get a better understanding of your application at a glance and can better determine which fixes need to be prioritized.

Know who is having problems

Loupe is not just focused on the broad strokes; it also keeps track of the tiny details. The event details tab allow you to see everything you need to know about the error – including an exception analysis with full stack trace.

For each error, Loupe can track which users encountered the error, when they first encountered the error, how many times the error occurred for them, and the last time they encountered the error. Additionally, Loupe tracks the sessions by computer, app version, time zone, and other potentially useful statistics. With Loupe's detailed tracking, you have the information needed to solve problems quickly and for good.

Event Detail tab in Loupe Resolve

Turn problems into solutions

When you determine a code change is required to resolve an error, you can create or add the error to an issue. You can assign this issue to a member of your team and even create a cross-link to a related ticket in your issue tracking system.

Loupe complements your issue tracking system with up-to-date info on each error. For instance, if an issue relates to runtime errors, Loupe provides continuously updated information that accelerates defect resolution and increases your confidence in resolved issues.

Rock solid centralized logging

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