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Make solving problems easier

At it’s core, Loupe is a centralized logging system designed to make problem solving less tedious. With that in mind, Loupe starts by providing developers with better context for problems. Loupe distinguishes between issues and events. Issues are known errors that have been assigned to a Loupe user for resolution. Events are new errors to be reviewed.

The event review list makes it easy to look through new errors quickly and determine which ones are real problems. With each event you can choose to ignore them, suppress them, open an issue, or add the event to an existing issue. You can even automate this process and create rules that will automatically suppress warnings, open up issues for every critical event, and more. This way you can spend less time trying to find the problems, and more time solving them.

Get more from your logging data

Are you really getting the most out of your logs? With Loupe, you can be sure you are taking full advantage of the data generated by your application and know more about your errors.

Loupe automatically tracks which users encountered each error, what OS they are using, the software version, and other metrics that make investigating problems easier. Loupe keeps track of this information and allows you to even graph out error distributions by computer, app version, time zone, and more.

You may already have logging APIs and issue tracking systems that you already like, and that's not a problem. Loupe can integrate with the technologies you use and enhance the way you use your logs while keeping the parts of your process you like.

Get better alerts for your applications

Loupe’s notifications are designed to help you react to errors quickly and solve them before they become large problems. Loupe has a wide array of notification parameters that allow you to set very specific notifications. Maybe you only want notifications through email and only for critical errors on production? Or maybe your whole team wants to be notified of unique events in the beta through a message in slack. Loupe’s notifications can be adjusted to make sure you and your team members know when problems occur and can react quickly.

Also, don’t worry about getting flooded by notifications. Loupe automatically groups together common events and will send you an email with the number of occurrences. This means instead of getting 50 emails for a repetitive error, you’ll get one. Loupe will periodically send you a reminder though so you can stay on top of the problem.

Need a free logging solution?

We understand the realities of being a developer. Sometimes, you don’t have a budget to work with. But it should not mean your application doesn’t have access to good logging. That’s why we made Loupe Desktop. It’s a powerful, free log viewer for .Net and Java developers with an easy-to-use API to add logging to your applications. Loupe Desktop can also integrates with logging APIs you might already use like serilog or nlog, so you can take advantage of all the features of the Loupe Desktop no matter what stage your project is in. Loupe Desktop provides a great local log viewer at no cost.

When the time comes that you have a budget and need a more sophisticated, centralized logging solution for your project, the full Loupe application will feel right at home.

Rock solid centralized logging

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