Get the whole story, not just the headlines

Loupe gives you complete visibility into application health. Starting from a dashboard displaying key metrics and events for your favorite application, you can drill-down into any event, session, machine or user. In particular, Loupe let's you see the full session log of trace events and performance metrics to understand the execution context preceding errors.


Provides an overview of metrics and events for your favorite applications

Loupe Dashboard

Exception analysis

The details on each error event include an exception analysis

Exception analysis screen

Full stack trace

Loupe provides access to the full stack trace on its exception analysis screen

Exception analysis screen including full stack trace

Intelligent error grouping

Loupe intelligently groups all the occurrences of each error

Exception analysis screen showing intelligent error grouping

Full trace log

Only Loupe lets you drill-down to the full trace log associated with each error

Loupe Desktop showing log associated with an error

Rock solid centralized logging

Unlimited applications, unlimited errors, scalable from solo startup to enterprise.